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"I will never forget my first lesson with Clint. He immediately made me feel comfortable and confident as we worked through Linklater based vocal exercises and sang the very few songs in my book. I had given up auditioning for a while, but was hoping to start up again, and Clint is honestly the reason I am where I am today. He helped me put together an amazing book, full of songs in every genre, and to get my voice back in shape for auditioning. Not only is he a blast to work with – always funny and delightful - he is also a great source of knowledge about vocal work and music. Since starting with Clint, I have been booking musical theatre work steadily for two years! I have referred several people to him as well, and they can’t stop saying how much they love him!"


        -Amy Alvino

"Clint is the best teacher ever! Very professional and patient! I used to have a lot of different teachers until I found Clint. Thanks to him- I found my voice :). Thank you Clint!"

        -Marta Milan of Ich Troje 

"Clint is a great teacher. He really helped me learn my vocal style. Through our lessons I was taught vocal and breathing technique all while preserving the integrity of my natural sound. I would highly recommend him to singers of all levels"

          -Nathaniel Wade


"Clint empowers me to express myself and my songs. I've seen results in range, confidence and especially technique. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with Clint, and I know that he is committed to my success."

          -Matt Ruttenburg                       

"Clint is such a pleasure to work with. His techniques, especially involving breathing, have really helped my voice grow. He is so personable as well as professional. He understands that singing a song also involves acting and gives great advice on how to apply both  singing and acting to your material. I would highly recommend him to anymore wanting to improve their vocal abilities."

        -Tracey Mellon, A Chorus Line (National Tour) 

"I’ve been studying with Clint for almost five years, I have made significant progress on my vocal quality and techniques. His tailored pre-warm-up exercise to loosen up your body and vocal muscle may look crazy but it does work out well. He not only allows you to choose the songs you like but he also hand-picks songs that fit your voice. He has a great patience and is a fun teacher to work with."


        -Yuan Tang




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